Education is essential for a successful project. Below are resources that I found helpful if you are new to construction projects.
Below is a quick summary of a design project by phases:
1. Schematic Design Phase: After receiving your program list and questionnaire, I will provide multiple design options for your review and study. We will have a few round of review sessions to further refine the design. Once you are comfortable with the design, we will move forward to the planning submission phase.
2. Planning Phase: The approved design will be submitted to the Planning Department for an administrative or a public hearing review (depending on city rules). The city's Planning Department is responsive to regulate every house design from the zoning and compatibility perspective, whether it satisfies the municipal code and design guidelines.
3. Building Permit Phase: After obtaining approval from the Planning Department, we will start the detail design of the building (construction drawing). We will discuss the project from the utility aspect such as lighting, mechanical and electrical designs. You may also engage with an interior designer to further refine finishes such as color and fabric. We will hire all the required engineers (structural, geotechnical, energy and green, to name a few) as well. I will provide a detailed guideline on how to read the drawings before submitting to the city's Building Department.
4. Bidding Phase: Once the construction drawing is being reviewed by the Building Department, we will move forward to the bidding phase and start engaging with different contractors. I will provide assistance as needed to explain the contract, and provide guidance.
5. Construction Phase: After approval of the building permit, I will be involved to provide suggestions and answer any questions that the contractor may have. 
The information might be overwhelming in the beginning. My mission is to provide all the necessary information and education that you need for a successful project. The more informed you are, the more confident in every step of the process. Some of my reviews (Yelp/Houzz) also provide insights on how to work with the architect and the contractor. Feel free to contact me when you are ready.
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