Professorville Residence, Palo Alto - New Two-Story Building

The Program: This is a 4-bedroom/3-bathroom house situated in the historic Professorville district in Palo Alto. The client has a preference of traditional Spanish Design with a turrets and courtyard. We added subtle modern touches and details such as crafted eave tails, moustache, tile roof, stone and arch windows.

The biggest challenge of the design is the stringent city requiremenst, together with packed program within 2,200 SQ FT of maximum area. The solution is an efficient public space design on 1st floor with a guest suite/den in front. Circulation is focused at the center to reduce wasted space on 2nd floor. Spinal staircase is celebrated in the middle of the house.

Area: 2,200 SQ FT | Budget: High

Living Room

Outdoor Patio
Master Bedroom Suite