Lynbrook South Residence 2, San Jose - Rebuilt Project

The Program: The owner wants to do a major remodel and addition to her existing residence. The existing house has three small bedrooms and a separated kitchen and family room. With a household of six, the program requires a more separated front living room / bedroom suite for the elderly, an open kitchen / family / dining room concept and bigger bedrooms.

The Solution: The new design adds to the front and the back of the existing house. The front will serve as a new formal entry to a living room for the elderly, and a bedroom suite on the right side. The back of the house is completely rebuilt with open kitchen and enlarged bedroom and master bedroom suite.

The existing kitchen is in need of an update, and open kitchen concept is used to connect the kitchen to family activities spaces such as the dining room and family room. In the front, a separated living room is created for the elderly.

The owner likes to have an outdoor deck, and with very limited backyard space as a result of the expansion, a continuous deck is designed to match the building width to maximaze outdoor living space. A landscape area is left for future vegatation.