Carlton Residence, San Jose - Addition and Kitchen Remodel

The program includes addition for a new kitchen/dining room open space and a brand new master bedroom to the back of the house. The existing kitchen is located in a separated small room, but has an updated Shaker cabinets and would like to reuse it. The project requires a careful removal of existing cabinet and expand the kitchen so that cabinet can be reused.

The new design measured the existing kitchen width and swapped the cabinet from the right to the left, thus adding more pieces that will match.

Total Floor Area: 2,100 SQ FT | Addition: 1,050 SQ FT 

For the exterior addition to the back, the owner enjoys outdoor living and wants to connect the dining toom and family room to the backyard. Big french doors were proposed with large bay window that provides space and connectivity to the new outdoor paved area.

The master bedroom has an roofed, open hallway on the right side for possible future extension.