University South Residence, Palo Alto - New Duplex Two-Story Building

The Program: The client wants to create a duplex at a corner lot by subdividing a single house lot. He wants the new building to feel like two distinguish single family houses.

The Solution: The entries of the duplex are provided on different streets. New landscape walls are provided to create an enclosed front yard for more privacy from the bus stop and more distinguished from the other unit. Metal roof and a honed cedar siding bring this cottage style house a modern touch.

Project designed by Hayes Group Architects, I was the project architect

The second unit has a much different character than the first unit entry, with combination of geometrical feature to make it unique.




Las Palmas Residence, Santa Clara - Rebuilt Two-Story Building

The Program: The client would like to rebuilt an existing two-story flat-roof building without altering two-story footprint that will trigger public hearing and permit delays.

The Solution: After carefully studied the site, building type and styles, a elegant ranch style house is designed with addition of first floor footprint to create a popular "open floor-plan" concept. To keep the budget down while replacing the entire old house, we kept most of the existing footprint and foundation, while building a brand new structure and roofline for this completely rebuilt house.

Budget: Low

Open Floor-Plan Concept




Rancho Rinconada Residence, Cupertino - New Two-Story Building

The Program: The client would like to build a brand new 5-bedroom house on this small 5,700 square-foot lot. They needed an open-space concept living/dining/kitchen and two bedrooms on the first floor (office and grandma room), but wanted to maximaze backyard open space.

The Solution: We created an L-shaped house by providing an open concept space and garage in the front of the house, while the two bedrooms were located on the right side at the back, leaving the left to an outdoor dining space and a deeper backyard. We demolished the entire existing house, but kept part of the existing foundation to reduce construction cost.

Budget: Low