Cameron Hills Residence, Fremont - Addition and Remodel

The Program: The client would like to remodel their existing 3-bedroom house to 5 bedrooms with a much larger family and kitchen area. They were not thrilled with the existing house's curb appeal and boring front facade.

The Solution: After carefully studied the neighborhood and the client's preferences, we provided a new ranch house with an enhanced entrance feature using a tall gable front porch and dutch gable roof. We installed new stone base with new cement plaster above to add details to the existing flat and empty facade.

Budget: Mid

To create a larger family room and kitchen, we relocated the kitchen from the front of the house to the back, and extended the family room by 12 feet. The new family room has a 11-foot high ceiling and entirely open to the kitchen, so the kitchen has a direct view to the backyard and connects with family room activities.

The existing kitchen was tiny and facing the front. It was moved to the back facing the living room and backyard. It is also next to the new dining room where the existing kitchen is located.

The existing living room was separated from the kitchen and dining room, with outdated finishes. The proposed living room has been opened up to connect directly to the dining room, and with direct sightline to the kitchen.




Country Lane Residence 2, San Jose - Addition and Remodel

The Program: The client would like to connect an existing secluded kitchen room with the family room and dining room to create an "open floor-plan" concept. They also wanted to add a second unit in front.

The Solution: The site has lots of shading with tall trees. A "winter lodge" concept was developed to fit the new building facade with the surrounding trees. A new kitchen completely opened up the dining room and family room.

Budget: Mid

The existing kitchen was separated from other rooms. The new design completely opened up the kitchen to create the open space concept..